Fully Automatic Mask Production Line(RFMP-NC02)

This is a fully automatic machine to produce finished face mask ,and to weld the face mask by ultrasonic  welding.From material feeding to producing face mask blank to welding the ear-loop,this machine integrate 1 set face mask bank machine with 2 sets outside ear-loop machine by the mask distribution system,so that improved its automation.2 person are needed to operate and  can facilitate the packing by adding the  function of folding the outside ear-loop.After optimizing  the  computer program,it can solve the problem of the overlap of the face mask when the machine is stoped or started.

automatic inner ear loop disposable surgical mask machine (1 blank mask machine+2 ear loop welding machine) is a fully automatic machine that can realize a series of process including material feeding,nose dip blank mask welding/folding/cutting, ear loop welding/binding until a completely mask is finished, it's combined with 1 blank mask machine + 2 ear loop welding machines which has greatly improved the production efficiency Feature: 1.Designed with multiple functions,only one worker can easily operate several of these production lines, so it’s very labor-saving. 2.Using PLC and touch screen control system makes it very easy to operate. 3.Its finished products are neat and beautiful. 4.The machine body and structure is made of aluminium alloy materials make it firm and never rust. 5.Features stable and continuous operation. 6.By changing the mold,it can be used for different types of medical mask manufacturing.

Main Technical Parameters


Fully Automatic Mask Production Line ( RFMP-NC02 )



Technical Parameters


Production Capacity

About 100-120 pcs/min


Roll Materials’ Requirement

out.diameter ≤650mm, inner diameter 3 inches, width≥17cm


Materials 2-4 layers

non-woven fabric, melt-blown nonwoven fabric


Mask Size




380V 50Hz 3P


Air Source

Air flow rate >0.2m3/min ( prepare by customers ),

pressure: 0.5-0.6Mpa


Reference Overall Dimension



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