Fully Automatic N95 Mask Production Line

automatic N95 dust respirator mask making machine is designed for producing dust respirator mask,it adopts ultrasonic technology and realize a series of process including automatically material feeding,constant temperature shaping,blank mask welding,cutting,nose clip welding,logo printing,breathing valve hole punching,breathing valve welding,head loop welding until a completely mask is finished,the final effect for mask is appearance attractively and welding firmly.It's an ideal mask making machine because of its unique design,high efficiency and high quality.

Feature: 1.Designed with multiple functions,only one worker can easily operate several of these production lines, so it’s very labor-saving. 2.Shaping under constant temperature to protect the mask material from damage. 3.Adopting servo shifting,high accurately in positioning. 4.Features stable and continuous operation, which ensures high working efficiency, and saving money. 5.Equipped with touch screen and PLC control system that it is highly automated and easy to use. Main Technical Parameters

Fully Automatic Mask Production Line ( RFMP-NC02-N95 )



Technical Parameters


Production Capacity

About 40-50 pcs/min


Suitable Masks

Mainly for N95 Masks



380V 50Hz 3P


Air Source

Air flow rate >0.2m3/min ( prepare by customers ),

pressure: 0.5-0.6Mpa


Reference Overall Dimension


Reference Photos at Production Site


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